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Years ago, we realized how hard it was for people with bad or no credit to get APPROVED for an auto loan. Not only that, but we realized how FEW dealerships were selling GOOD cars with their special finance programs.

We wanted to change that! YOUR CREDIT SCORE SHOULD NOT MATTER and the cars should ALWAYS be reliable.

This is why we developed our in-house finance program where there are NO banks! We use YOUR JOB AS YOUR CREDIT, and report every payment to the credit bureau. All payment plans are designed to be affordable and within your BUDGET!

THOUSANDS OF LOCALS are using our trusted finance program to rebuild their credit and drive the road with confidence!

A Legacy to Remember

The Auto Cave today is a tribute to a great man of God, a father, a husband, a friend, and most of all, one of the coolest hot-rodders you’d ever meet.

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Gary Wayne Bryan | 12.27.1950 – 02.05.2010